Home Truths

'Home Truths', is a graphic short story and illustrated short film. It is based on ongoing conversations and engagements I had remotely with residents at The Croft and Hollybrook Lodge nursing homes in Dublin, Ireland. I interviewed residents over a number of Zoom sessions during level 5 lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2020, prior to vaccine rollout. The residents reflect on their life experiences as they face the winter months, with poignant stories brimming with humour, tragedy, and hope. I edited these accounts into a narrative and illustrated the characters and their stories in pen and ink. The illustrations were projected onto the facade of City Hall in the heartThe project was completed a year later in the winter of 2021 and published comic book, and as a short animation, using the original voice recordings of the residents.

Commissioner Name: Bernie Divilly (project manager), Leisa Gray (engagement lead), Stephen MacDevitt (Winter Lights art co-ordinator)

Commissioner Company: Dublin City Council Culture Company

Made as part of Dublin City Council Culture Company's creative engagement programme for Winter Lights, a Dublin City Council event.