Hostelworld Annual Report


Designed by Phil Kilcooley at Source

Project Manager/Creative Director: Barry McLaughlin

Categories: Printed Publication / Editorial

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Annual report / Travel / Tourism

Hostelworld has a strong and reputable brand among travellers and explorers across the globe, partnering with 36,000 properties across 178 countries and with over 13,000,000 verified guest reviews. Their most recent Annual Report, published in Q1 of 2020 (for year-ending December 2019), demonstrates a clear representation of its 'adventurous' brand positioning through its visual style and narrative content. Having previously been designed inhouse, this is the first Annual Report designed through an experienced agency and saw an overview of the structure of the report in line with best practice. The design theme uses highly engaging and atmospheric images, some provided by guests themselves delivering further authenticity, supported by a series of supporting copylines that reinforce their mission and values. This engagement begins from the cover, with the search bar, symbolising the online nature of their business, introducing the report through its call to action, 'Ready to meet the world? Let's go…'.