Hot Potato Issue 002

2019 Selection

Designed by Shauna Buckley at Other Office

Creator & Editor: Naoise O’Keefe

Photo Editor: Sophie Gladstone

Campaign Managers: Bridie Gilbert, Elise Madoe & Nadia Doherty

French Translators: Camille Scheiblin, Silvia Pin, Niamh OH, Thalie Barnier, Elise Madoe & Yasmina Lembachar

Website: Simon Sweeney

Categories: Editorial / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Art direction


Hot Potato ‘The Second One’ was a complete design overhaul and through this issue, Hot Potato now has its own unique voice and the design enhances and reflects the intense amount of work that goes into the content. Hot Potato is a nod to traditional newspapers while making its own contemporary contribution.

Each team was given a current affairs topic to respond to, and through photography, design and research they bring it to life. As Hot Potato has over 60 contributors and my job as Design Director was to bring all of these elements together in a harmonious, exciting and accessible way. Hot Potato is for everyone.