IAF – Open House Dublin (2019)


Designed by Colin Farmer, Noelle Cooper and Chris Fullam at Unthink

Printer: Plus Print

Studio Coordinator: Laura Woulfe

OHD Manager: Karen Lee Walpole

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Architecture

Our team includes a previous Open House Dublin (OHD) Programme Coordinator and volunteers, so suffice to say we have been long-term fans of both OHD the event and the design created by Workgroup. As had already been evidenced by the article elsewhere on the archive, www.100archive.com/article/designing-open-house-dublin, it had evolved over 14 years to become the highlight of the architectural calendar. Our brief was to create stronger and more obvious links between OHD and the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF), the organisation who delivers it. To achieve this we chose to revert typographically back to a time when the OHD brand used the IAF typeface – Section. The addition of red to the colour palette helped to enliven the material without overpowering the familiar and well established cyan.

With our eye on the future development of the brand, we created a system using the simple house shape which can be filled with stylised architectural hatching or imagery, and built up into a host of structures. This was particularly interesting when brought to life in motion on social media and at launch events. A range of material including printed maps, outdoor advertising and promotional material created a cohesive look and feel which helped IAF increase their brand awareness amongst visitors. We also designed and built a brand new website…