IAF – Open House Dublin 2020


Designed by Noelle Cooper, Chris Fullam, Colin Farmer and Kate McCauley at Unthink

Development: James Delaney

Categories: Website / Identity / Moving Image / Experience

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Architecture / Festival / Programme / Brand identity

Website: openhousedublin.com

The flagship of IAF’s annual programme, Open House Dublin, typically entertains over 30,000 architecture enthusiasts. With the pandemic putting a halt to the usual host of building tours, the recently redesigned website had to pick up the slack. We worked closely with the Open House Dublin manager to uncover new ways to engage their audience. Commissioned and architect curated video content, a selection of archive material, as well as the ability to create self-guided tours, reinvigorated the programme. 

Building on the brand established in 2019, the simple geometric icons were extruded to produce more three-dimensional forms, adding depth and volume to the compositions. A small collection of workbooks introducing architectural themes to a younger audience were redesigned to align with the updated brand. Motion pieces for social and the aforementioned updates to the website brought the brand to life.