Ibec, Keep Well Campaign


Designed by Bob Gray at Red&Grey

Designer: Deirdre Rawle

Illustration: Maria Hinds

Designer: Cassie Wright

Designer: Lucas Garvey

Product design : Designgoat

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Corporate

How important is the health, wellbeing and prosperity of your employees? What can you do to improve this? How can you prioritise high standards of employee commitment, achievement and excellence?

Working closely with Ibec over the last twelve months we have developed a six step process that analyses, accredits and ultimately improves organisational wellbeing. Eight themes were then developed and included in a helpful information pack as a way for employers to understand, learn and improve workplace health, safety and wellbeing. Each theme is colour coded and explained through clear illustration and language.

The KeepWell Mark is an evidence-based accreditation that recognises and celebrates organisations that put the wellbeing of employees at the forefront of company policy.