IBM Studios Dublin

Designed by Sara Furlong, Darran McCague and Gráinne Kelly at IBM Studios Dublin

Design Lead: Kevin Dunne

Head of IBM Studios Dublin: Fred Raguillat

Categories: Environmental / Signage / Wayfinding

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Illustration

Today, there are over twenty IBM Studios worldwide. IBM Design is creating spaces where teams can deliberate, play, make mistakes, collaborate and think. The building of the new design studio at IBM Damastown gave our designers an opportunity to create a sense of uniqueness that would allow IBM Studios Dublin – one of four IBM flagship design studios – to have it’s own identity, while still maintaining the IBM Design brand.

We wanted our visitors to feel a sense of place when they arrived at our studio therefore we felt it was important to capture and display some of Dublin’s most iconic buildings and unique features. An illustrative representation of the city landscape; bespoke patterns; wayfinding reminiscent of Irish road signage; supergraphics of Irish poets and writers, each celebrate the richness of Irish culture, both past and present.

On a regular basis, IBM Studios Dublin welcomes visitors from internal divisions and external communities. When people arrive at our studio we want to introduce ourselves not as corporate employees but creators and artists at what we do.