ICAD Upstarts 2019


Designed by Jennifer Leahy

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Upstarts is a mentorship programme run by ICAD. It introduces young creatives to the industry, pairing participants with mentors, setting briefs to develop their thinking and providing exposure to the creative industry.

My role as a designer in the 2019 ICAD Upstarts was to develop a brand that reflected the energy and attitude of the Institute in 2019. Having previously designed a brand identity for this programme when I myself took part in it, I already had a strong idea of what it meant for the participants, the Institute and its members.

Using lateral and vertical movement I reference the nature of the programme, both in terms of the exchange of knowledge and information, and the physical movement of the Upstarts to different studios and agencies across the city. I used ICAD's colours as well as Upstarts own work to add vibrancy and urgency, reflective of the highly creative and rapidly paced nature of the programme.