ICLA | Brand Identity

2021 Selection

Designed by Michelle Walsh and Grace Coakley at Cova Communications

Copywriter: Zara Kenyon

Categories: Print / Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Letterhead / Print / Visual Communications / Branding

The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) is responsible for providing legal access to content through collective licensing and representing authors, creators and publishers, to ensure they are compensated when their work is used. Established in 1992, they have been entrusted with this mission and distributed €24 million in revenue to hard-working content owners.

The brief was to update and revitalise the brand identity and ensure ICLA continues to stay relevant as a modern organisation. They also want to represent Ireland at a global level among the other national rights agencies.

The responsive logo is grounded by the distinctive copyright mark. The geometric shapes adapt and expand to create the visual language of the identity, as the organisation couldn’t rely on feature images. The colour palette is flexible yet distinct and allows ICLA to communicate with a variety of audiences from primary school teachers and authors to government departments and legal bodies.

Work was carried out on the brand voice and how their communication and materials should mirror their new approachable look and feel. The brand system was implemented across an extensive range of materials such as stationery, reports, certificates, and presentations.

Finally, the history of copyright is intertwined with the story of Ireland and this heritage was essential to preserve. In the 6th century, monks had ownership disputes over books of the Gospels. On discovering that a secret copy was made by St. Colmcille, Diarmaid mac Cearrbheoil, the high king, stated “to every cow her calf, to every book its copy”. In a small nod to the story, we updated the brand's cow icon to be used on marketing and networking materials, where the team could enthral the audience with the unique tale.