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Designed by Grace Coakley and Michelle Walsh at Cova Communications

Copywriter & SEO Strategist: Zara Kenyon

Illustrator: Bridey Halliday Sagar

Categories: Website

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Digital / Website / Mobile / Web design

Website: icla.ie

The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) is responsible for providing legal access to content through collective licensing and representing authors, creators and publishers, to ensure they are compensated when their work is used. Established in 1992, they have been entrusted with this mission and distributed €24 million in revenue to hard-working content owners.

The goals for the new website were to refresh their online presence, raise awareness of who ICLA is, the work they do, and their contribution to Irish national culture and economy. We wanted the audience to perceive them as professional and trustworthy industry leaders.

We designed and developed a new responsive website that expanded on their new brand identity and prioritised the audience’s experience. The branding does not rely on photography, so our design solutions for the website were rooted in the vibrant palette of colours and geometric shapes. The volume of information to be included meant that visual elements were minimal and purposeful.

The website is structured with clearly defined areas for different users. The ICLA team receive many enquiries about the complex subject of copyright, so it was important to make information and answers easy to find to increase user’s independence. The site copy balances SEO requirements, legal information, accessibility, educational resources, and compelling copy on the value of their work.