ID15 Travelling Exhibition

Asked to develop a concept for an exhibition of Irish design that would travel to Irish embassies across the world, and that should require no construction or assembly, we struck on the simplest of ideas - a series of flight cases that were simply opened upon arrival. Of course delivering such simple ideas is a long and challenging journey.

Having established the concept, we then developed the story and exhibition. Presenting work by Irish designers working internationally alongside similar projects from Ireland allowed us to highlight a broad range of projects while surprising viewers both with the calibre of international works, and the contemporary nature of design in ireland. Everything about the exhibit was designed to be modular, allowing for different cases to travel together, and that they could be used for different exhibits in the future. The upright exhibition cases were accompanied by a library case that contained a stool and reading materials, allowing visitors to find out more about Irish design.

A modular catalogue accompanied the exhibit, presenting paired works on perforated postcards, allowing visitors to pick the projects they liked and encouraging them to further the nomadic nature of the exhibit by posting the cards.