IMAGE Website


Designed by Cillian Griffith at Midnight and iZest Marketing

Development: Hannah Roche

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

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As IMAGE moved to a more digital focused offering for their customers they wanted to update their digital channels and offer their customers a better digital experience with a sleeker content portal and better user experience. 

To begin with we undertook a strategy session with all stakeholders to clearly define the objectives of the project as well as clearly define their target audience and how they interact with the current content. 

There are a number of new innovative features we have brought to the IMAGE site. As well as completely changing the content flow to better align with customers viewing habits. We also brought in a number of new features like the Business Club which was a new development for the site, which allows specific content and events to be tailored to specific user group with a paid plan for the content. We also developed a new shop feature, account platform and advertising portal.