IMMA Northern Light Exhibition Book


Designed by Conor Clarke and Kevin Boyle at Design Factory

Designer: Kevin Boyle

Creative Director: Conor Clarke

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Art direction / Bookdesign / Print / Book

Northern Light 

Exhibition Book

Northern Light is the third exhibition at IMMA drawn from the exceptional collection of modern and contemporary photography put together by Dr David Kronn over the past 25 years. The David Kronn Collection is a promised gift to IMMA and comprises more than 1100 photographs ranging in content from 19th-century Daguerreotypes to works by award-winning contemporary photographers.

Northern Light presents work by photographers that examines the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland specifically and places it alongside other contemporaneous events internationally. The exhibition begins with the present day and sublime images of the landscape; however, these images also hold secrets as various infrastructures, particularly of surveillance, reveal themselves. These are followed by images of landscapes that were sites of atrocities and conflict; the highly aesthetic photographs at odds with their content. Also showing are images that reflect on the impact of conflict on children and civilian communities. 

We have designed the books for previous exhibitions from the David Kronn Collection, Out of the Dark Room in 2011 and Second Sight, in 2014.