In Middletown


Designed by Louise Naughton at Louise Naughton Design

Design / Motion: Louise Naughton

Illustration: Anne O'Hara

Writing: Mikel Murfi

Music: Philip Glass

Artistic Director of In Middeltown: Selina Cartmell

Head of Media at The Gate Theatre: Stephen Boylan

Categories: Promotional / Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Music / Illustration / Theatre / Culture / Motion / Arts / Covid-19 / Motion Design / Animation / Corona Virus / Creative Ireland / Video

After months of lockdowns due Covid-19 restrictions, The Gate Theatre re-opened in summer 2021 in a very different way with a special outdoor show. 

In Middletown was brought to audiences across Ireland on the back of the specially adapted GATE TRUCK. The truck toured towns and communities across the country, opening up at the side to reveal an outdoor theatre to audiences.

To promote the show, the approach was to create an engaging, creative animation for In Middletown. The result is a quirky aesthetic and motion style, that reflects the imaginative, yet philosophical themes within the play. Photography, illustration, sound, music and motion collage together to achieve the final animated preview.

The video and creative were used on The Gate Theatre website and across the theatre's digital communication platforms.