In Place


Designed by Eric Stynes (Freelance)

Categories: Identity / Exhibition / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster / Typography / Art

In Place is a collective of mixed-media artists from Dublin, Ireland who are reframing the way disused urban space is viewed. In Place intends to interrupt the dominant narrative of disused space as being characterised as culturally barren areas of the city. Through the creation of site specific work, In Place wishes to invite the public to view disused urban sites within a context of their potential cultural significance.

The identity for In Place was inspired by the process of the artists involved. Making freehand marks with drawing tools was the premise behind the lines visible throughout designs. These lines connect each element of the design, which is situated on a strict grid. The identity worked across all digital and print media related to the project including posters, tote bags, an exhibition catalogue and exhibition design.