In The Fold (2015)

2015 Selection

Designed by Steve O Connell and Bobby Tannam (Freelance)

Coordinator: Aisling Farinella

Curator: Gemma A. Williams

Photographer: Andrew Nuding

Photographer: Sean Jackson

Photographer: Joshua Gordon

Categories: Printed Publication / Print / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Fashion

In The Fold, an exhibition of the work of emerging Irish fashion designers, was featured in the prestigious International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week 2015.

Building on tradition, with an eye on the past, Irish design strives to create something unique on the world stage—this idea, layering the old and new, informed our approach. Imagery is daringly overprinted in two contrasting colours and type is set bold.

210 × 120 mm, 24 pp, softcover

Typeset in Deckard Bold