Designed by Paul McCann and Kieran Duffy at CDG Brand

Categories: Identity / Website

Industry: Civic / Cultural


InCarlow was an initiative used to promote County Carlow as a destination of opportunity for inward investment and a location of indigenous business growth, and we worked with Carlow County Council and other local enterprise offices in order to help them realise the international opportunities available in Carlow.

The greatest asset of Carlow is their people and the network they create, which provides a unique entrepreneurial environment, Its something to commend them for their vision, their success, their innovation and their ultimate ambition in making County Carlow the ideal enterprise hub for the region.

The brand builds on the story of success that is County Carlow’s entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams across industry and acknowledges a history of opportunity and success for companies who innovate and have international ambition.

Short, snappy and to the point, inCarlow – Represents the idea of Business, opportunities and endless possibilities within the county.

Where Ambition, Innovation & Success meet.

Because of the simplistic yet elegant nature of the logotype, we chose a bold color palette to enhance the overall impact of the visual identity. The secondary graphics are taken from the shape and form of the county Carlow. The graphics changes colour, and scale to enable ever-changing dynamic expressions.