Fingal County Council embarked on a new phase of public art commissioning in 2017 utilising funds generated through the Per Cent for Art Scheme. Infrastructure 2017–2021 is a local, national and international opportunity open to artists from all disciplines.

We worked closely with Fingal County Council’s Public Art Co-ordinator Caroline Cowley to develop the graphic identity and accompanying printed media for this ambitious public art program. As the program sets out to commission entirely new artworks across four distinct strands we had no existing photography or project artwork with which we could work. The commissioner allowed us to create a unique identity using only form and typography. The identities logo which is the seed for all of our designs is an abstract representation of a layered infrastructural form defined by a series of four interlocking sections intended to illustrate the program’s four strands.

In order to maximise the available budget we provided a design solution whereby the projects poster was overprinted with an alternate black plate and then finished as a 16 page informational booklet.