Instantaneous Personal Magnetisim

"Instantaneous Personal Magnetism" was an enlightening exhibition featuring the work of seven artists curated by Padraic E. Moore. The exhibition which took place at the Galway Arts Centre in September 2010 was named after a self help book published over 80 years ago by the International Magnetism Club.In this book idiosyncratic scientific theory is combined with details of physical and mental exercises conceived to enlighten the reader as to how they might "apply personal energies so that they might become more magnetic".The exhibition highlighted that while various advances have been made by numerous figures throughout history it would seem that there is little general knowledge, and perhaps little interest among the public, regarding the real nature of personal magnetism.The studio designed a single sheet B1 poster that was cut into 2 pieces to produce the exhibitions invitations.The posters design allowed for two visually unique invites to be produced whilst retaining the same essential information on both. We exploited the use of metallic silver to reflect the magnetisim and the piece was overprinted using fluorescent pantones to create an energy to the piece.