Inventory Arousal (2011)

Designed by Wayne Daly at AA Print Studio

Publisher: Bedford Press

Author: James Hoff

Author: Danny Snelson

Printer: Norhaven

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural


Inventory Arousal (Bedford Press, 2011) is an artists’ book by American artist and publisher James Hoff with writer, editor and archivist Danny Snelson. The book reassembles a set of reference texts originally gathered during a live, transnational editorial performance. An associative lecture given by Hoff in Oslo, featuring hundreds of images and hours of artists’ video, was mirrored by Danny Snelson in Tokyo, via Skype, who simultaneously extracted and manipulated a massive body of previously compiled texts concerning key avant-garde figures, publications, works, and movements that Hoff would discuss in his talk. These sources included artist interviews, book reviews, magazine articles, memoirs, stock lists and blog posts. The book acts a quasi-transcript of this joint performance and includes a source list for all of the featured extracts.