Invisible Blows

2019 Selection

Designed by David Joyce at The Outside Press

Imagery and text: Chloe Brenan

Publisher: The Outside Press

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural


Invisible Blows is a photo book/zine that takes its title from a line in Lucretius' scientific poem 'On the Nature of Things' (c. 60 bc). It features a series of photographs depicting constellations of objects, bodies, plants, pharmaceuticals, debris, sites and materials. These assemblages are juxtaposed with words denoting units of measurement which range in scale from those that describe colossal distance and others that express notions of infinitesimal forces of energy. Such scales place us into strange dialogue with things other than human — the geologic, the subatomic, the microbial and mineral. Within this context, the image/texts intimate the interaction of multiple orders of magnitude that constitute the configurations of the everyday.

The book is printed on recycled paper using a digital printing press typically used for volume printing manuals and booklets. This publication and exhibition is the outcome of a special commission by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for the Dublin Art Book Fair 2019.