Ireland's Cycling Renaissance (2014)

Designed by Stephen Kiernan at Atomic

Photography: Graham Watson

Printer: Plus Print Ltd.

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Sport

Cycling in Ireland is back. Proof of this can be seen in the decision of the Giro d’Italia to hold the ‘Big Start’ of the 2014 edition of the race on the island of Ireland.

The Giro d’Italia represents the pinnacle of the professional cycling game. An institution in itself, it is passion, speed, intensity, drama. Our task was to educate and excite the cycling public about the race itself, and most importantly, the culture and style of the race and it’s entourage.

On top of the sea of pink that descended on the country in May 2014, the Cycling Renaissance project was designed to prime the corporate and commercial world for the opportunities that cycling in Ireland will represent in the coming years.