IrelandsEye - New Dawn Collection 2019

2018 Selection

Designed by Glenn Bolton, Lorna Ryan McKeon and Ailbhe Diskin at Neworld

Project Manager: Mary Helow

Categories: Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Fashion

IrelandsEye Knitwear is a distinctly modern Irish brand, Dublin based and family-run for forty years.

IrelandsEye introduces a new theme for its range every year to be presented at showcase. Last year’s theme was “The Storm” - dark, moody and atmospheric. The Storm naturally led way to this year’s collection theme - “New Dawn,” a refreshed, peaceful and contemporary representation of what it means to be Irish today. Coinciding with IrelandsEye rebrand at the same time.

The Catalogue is reflected IrelandsEye’s positioning “Effortless Style”. Naturalness is at the core of the brand identity. The chosen colour palette was earthy, inspired by the glow of sunrise. The coastal photography location captured the essence of Ireland - an island surrounded by water. Ireland’s relationship with the coast has shaped the nation, fostering an outward-looking approach to the world. The photography was not posed. It was invigorating yet serene, capturing movement. Natural textures played an integral role to the brand identity. Organic, recycled materials composed the catalogue itself, a tactile representation of the brand’s commitment to craft and tradition.