Irish Architecture Foundation Website (2017)


Designed by Colin Farmer, Noelle Cooper, Neasa Ronayne and Aidan Moore at Unthink

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Over the years the Irish Architecture Foundation has grown into one of the country’s most prolific facilitators of architecture and culture in Ireland. With the overall goal of encouraging public engagement with the built environment, a suitable platform to act as a showcase for a wealth of existing and upcoming content was needed. This took the form of a fully responsive website.

Matching the ambition and vibrancy of the organisation in a visual sense was important. This was achieved using bright fun colour, large typography, statistical information and as much imagery as possible. News, what’s on, educational resources, media and a venue hire offering, serve to demonstrate the promise and value of the Foundation as a cultural promoter.

Categorisation proved massively important. In order to deliver relevant content where needed, and as a result removing dead ends on the site which allows the user to generate their own pathway, uncovering the wealth of content that exists on site.