Irish Life Centre Wayfinding and Signage


Designed by David Joyce at Language

Categories: Environmental / Signage / Wayfinding

Industry: Civic

The Challenge

The Irish Life Centre is to be re-developed and the wayfinding and signage project should be seen in the context of the wider investment in the public realm of the Centre. The task is to create an integrated wayfinding and signage system that directs, informs and communicates to people who work in the Centre and everyone who uses the public realm. It is imperative that the design is clear, consistent and user friendly so as to be understood by a broad audience.

The Solution

The design solution—Integrated Geometry—takes an integrated approach and is based on the original architecture of the scheme. A system of free standing totems with illuminated glass panels and patinated bronze frames provide wayfinding information, maps and text with directional instructions on how to navigate the site. The bronze frame is a hard wearing and robust material that requires very little maintenance. Digitally printed graphics mounted to the inside of the glass panels are easy to change at any time to allow for updating tenant and map information. The reverse-applied digital graphics protect the totems against vandalism.