Irish Lung Cancer Community


Designed by Lucas Bachega at Originate Creative

Designer: Sue Rossney

Categories: Identity / Social Media

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Identity / Brand Identity / Brand / Logomark

The task was to develop a brand identity for the Irish Lung Cancer Community with community and connection at its core; bringing patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates, friends and family together. With this new identity, audiences discover an approachable and supportive Irish community online where they can connect, meet others with similar experiences, find hope, a sense of belonging, and feel empowered.

The inviting identity brings a sense of humanity to the fore - an important aspect as lung cancer patients, survivors and those around them affected by this diagnosis need to be able to reach out and find a welcoming community where they feel understood.

The community’s name (ILCC) is cleverly designed to create a face, highlighting that each individual impacted by lung cancer can be part of a larger community, one intent on changing the lives of those affected for the better.

Inspired by the act of breathing, this vibrant colour palette uses aqua to represent inhaling and purple to symbolise exhaling, balanced with accents of white, orange and yellow. The brand provides a sense of hope and organic energy that will bring positivity to families while facing tough challenges.