Irish Silver Museum


Designed by John Gavin and Leon Murphy at TrueOutput:

Architecure: Rojo Studio

Categories: Environmental / Identity / Signage / Exhibition

Industry: Civic

The Irish Silver Museum is located in The Deanery, Cathedral Square, in the heart of Waterford City. It chronicles 1000 years of Irish history through beautiful pieces of silver made by superb craftsmen and women across the country, from Vikings to Victorians. 

We were engaged to develop a brand identity for the museum to include exhibition design and information panels. The broad ranging scope of the exhibits leaned us towards a restrained system to allow them to be the focal point. The use of a reduced colour palette and a focus on legibility helped to guide visitors through the rooms. The letter ‘S’ took inspiration from silversmiths' maker marks. The kite shaped serifs of the ‘S’ were inspired from the significant Waterford Kite Brooch found nearby. Dating from 1100, and is Ireland’s finest example of personal jewellery from this period.

The museum was officially opened by the Minister for Finance, Pascal O’Donohue.