IT Sligo Prospectus


Designed by Rosanna Africa McGuirk at Wonder Works

Photography: Tadhg Conway

Categories: Print

Industry: Civic / Education

Tags: Photography

We worked with IT Sligo to identify what was undeniably unique about it, what features would resonate with school leavers seeking more than just a third level education and what would be the benefits of attending IT Sligo compared to other colleges at home or abroad. We created a brand story and repositioning statement for IT Sligo embodied in their Prospectus.

What is unique about IT Sligo? Its location. Based on the West Coast of Ireland IT Sligo offers an affordable, aspirational and adventurous lifestyle option. We shared this message through the theme of here: discover here, begin here, grow here, explore here. This theme is communicated throughout the Prospectus using landscape photography, a graphic visual style and typography. Hand drawn typography was used for brand messages as it compliments the wild nature of Sligo's landscape and the personal experiences that can be found at the institute.