Its you, but lovelier

The beauty sector is awash with images of impossibly beautiful women, who hint that if it wasn’t for a particular brand, they would resemble the back of an elephant rather than a glowing example of perfection.

Our Strategic review revealed that transformative approaches to our appearances, while seen as desirable — are underpinned by a deep worry that by changing the surface aesthetic you may mask or alter the personality of the person beneath. This inspired an unconventional strategic approach for the new endeavour.

Dr.Tonks, while entirely able to radically alter a persons appearance, takes a different view to many in the sector — preferring to get to know the person, before offering advice and actions to alter any part of their appearance. This way, her work compliments the persons character — rather than sits awkwardly on top of it.

‘It’s you, just lovelier.’ is the way the brand is now described — and this strategic point of view informed a radical new way of looking at the visual brand identity.

The paint system works both on a simple visual level, moving the brand into ownable territory — as well as opening up a terrific tone of voice and approach for the brands communications. By applying the paint systems to anything, they make them lovelier. Stunts in the surrounding area state ‘The Kings Road, but lovelier.’