IUCN Green List


Designed by Conor Clarke, Helen Lyons and Kevin Boyle at Design Factory

Motion Graphics: Alexandra Morehead

Categories: Identity / Moving Image / Environmental

Industry: Civic

The Green List logo is the graphic identifier for the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas (the ‘IUCN Green List Standard’), a new global standard for protected areas in the 21st Century. The logo is inspired by indigenous art from the first green listed Area in the world — Arakwal National Park in Australia. Concentric circles in indigenous art can have many meanings, including strong interrelationships between nature and society. Other aspects of the logo indicate land/seascape contours, management zones, a water drop, ripple effects, and tree growth rings. All this symbolises the IUCN Green List well and captures IUCN’s vision of ‘a just world that values and conserves nature’. A natural colour palette of coastal and terrestrial blues and greens is used. Design Factory’s work involved the design of the logo, adapting it for different languages, design of visual identity guidelines, icons, brochures, posters and motion graphics.