Jackie Ryan Art


Designed by Conor Clarke and Eulich McGeown at Design Factory

Categories: Identity / Website

Tags: Art

Website: jackieryanart.com/

Jackie Ryan is an art historian who wished to share the joy of living and working with Irish Art. In order to bring focus to the art, the branding and identity was kept clean and simple. To reference the printed nature of Jackie’s work a ‘frame’ was brought into the logo. This was then worked into a logomark to allow for a clear identity on both printed and digital materials. Noto Sans and Ubuntu were chosen as the typefaces for their legibility and lack of overt characteristics. This allows for many types of prints to be on the site without clashing against the typefaces. A digital first approach was taken with an emphasis on mobile users. The website was created with a user centric approach to allow easy access to all printed materials that are sold throughout the site. Users are guided through the site by first being given an introduction to Jackie which helps to create confidence in the user which then leads them into the artwork itself. A conscious decision was made to keep Jackie’s identity monochrome to allow for the colourful artwork to contrast against it and stand out.