Jobbio Higher


Designed by Jennifer Leahy at Jobbio

Categories: Identity / Print / Wayfinding / Environmental

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Event

Higher is Jobbio’s bi-annual event, which caters to its business and consumer audiences’ interests. The event consists of workshops and talks by industry experts on careers and hiring. In addition to educating, the event connects companies and talent, bringing to life the concept and ethos of Jobbio. Initially running under a different name, in June 2017 it became necessary to rebrand. This was the fourth time the event would be held and was the biggest one yet with 60 companies taking part and 5000 Talent attending.

The brief was to design an identity which was distinct, but which resonated with existing customers, previous attendees and had a clear connection to Jobbio. The mark needed to be very simple and versatile as we were developing and rolling out the identity simultaneously. The form came directly from the name of the event.

As part of this project, I was required to produce wayfinding signage and a map for the event itself. The event was held in the Truman Brewery, a very large white space. As it was so large, and the budget was limited, I decided to use large vinyls as a simple and arresting solution for both branding and wayfinding.