Join The Climate Conversation

Join The Climate Conversations Campaign was a project created as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action, led by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications and the Environmental Protection Agency. Through the Climate Conversations, the people of Ireland were invited to provide their views on how Ireland could be transformed and how individuals and communities could be supported to take their own positive climate actions. 

The department wanted a campaign that would appeal to a broad audience, including younger and older citizens, who might be less likely to engage on environmental consultations.  M-CO responded to the brief with a concept based on positive affirmations, appealing to the target audience through a can-do attitude and a positive outlook on climate action. The team created a dynamic, fresh and attention-grabbing call-to-action with their outputs. The overall vibrancy of the campaign encouraged young viewers to become part of a movement and to create a better world for the future.

The project required digital outputs for web, social media channels, online workshops and presentations to government. Using the vernacular and visual language of online formats, bright colours and geometric patterns, we created an eye-catching and effervescent campaign that invited the viewer to be part of the climate conversations. Graphic icons were developed to signify the different pillars of the climate action movement: Home, Travel, Energy, Shopping and Action. These icons helped to signal to the viewer the specific message of any given asset in the campaign. 

The campaign engaged over 4,710 people through individual conversations, community conversations, youth conversations and in-depth conversations.

Participants were asked about their hopes and concerns for climate action, actions they are currently taking and would like to take, what supports would help them realise their ambitions, and what broader feedback they had for national climate policy reflecting what matters to them. 

The Conversations reflect government commitment to develop of a new model of engagement which will embrace dialogue on a structured basis. They are part of the wider National Dialogue on Climate Action which is a forum for collaboration between citizens, communities, youth, the Government and relevant agencies on climate change.