2013 Selection

Designed by Paul Gately at Motif

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Kanchi is a multi-award winning social enterprise working with decision makers and business leaders to change mindsets and behaviours, promoting the Disability Business Case through unique, innovative and effective initiatives; unleashing the global power of over one billion people living with a disability. Kanchi leads a new way of thinking; one that promotes the value of people with disabilities to society, a market led model to economic empowerment, not charity, nor pity.

Kanchi approached us to create their new brand and comprehensive brand guidelines, facilitating all future opportunities and strategic endeavours, a project which we where, and are, very proud to be a part of.

The Kanchi brand, as the initial touch point by which the diverse audience connect with the organization, represents the brand’s soul; the people, the integrity & aspirations of the collective. Set as a strong, confident, iconic logotype, we removed one seventh of the overall fill to communicate; ‘the one seventh of the global population living with a disability’. This simple, emotive aesthetic generates intrigue, conversation and debate, facilitating engagement, discussion and the exchange of knowledge. Throughout our process of strategic research, design & review, the feedback has been exceptional across all audiences, working on multiple levels.