Designed by Stephen Cummins at Emagine

Photography: Peter Grogan

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Keltech are a Waterford based, precision engineering company who supply components to OEMs for large machinery.

The business has recently repositioned from being a sheet metal fabrication company to a contract manufacturing company, with a view to selling the process rather than the product. The new brand identity needed to reflect this change.

Emagine were approached to define the brand story and create the identity around this new brand story.

Working with the management team, we created this identity to reflect two main brand values:

• Technical with respect to tradition: Logo mark is built from right angles & 45° angles. The individual components in the logo mark assemble to form a whole, much like the work that the company itself performs.

• Efficiency: The icon could be laser-cut from a single piece of material without center piece falling away.