Kilkenny Arts Festival


Designed by Emily Loughran and Karen Hanratty at Path

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital / Festival / Event / Website / UI / Ux / Web design


A long-standing arts festival of almost 50 years, Kilkenny Arts Festival brings a programme of multidisciplinary events to Kilkenny each summer. The website design needed to reflect the festival as grown-up, sophisticated, with a reliable programme of high quality events from established artsist.

PATH was engaged to re imagine the festival website, allowing it to adopt a hybrid model for the programme with some online events and some in-person events. The new site has a dual aspect, allowing for information about the events to the promoted as well as a digital stage where the event can the live streamed.

A colour contrast is used to differentiate to the user when they switch from viewing the information page about an event, to where they are watching the digital event itself.

To enhance site speed and sustainability the programme images are presented in black and white, with colour only showing hover, giving the users the information only when they need it.