Kilkenny County Council Pollinator Plan


Designed by Lee Grace at Márla Communications

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Civic

The Heritage Department of Kilkenny County Council required a strong brand strategy and impactful brand icon to drive home a serious message as part of the launch of their Pollinator Plan in early 2019 (this is a Government-led initiative that focuses on biodiversity and the survival of our pollinators).

Our design strategy recommended the need for a powerful icon to ‘do the communication piece’… and what could be more powerful than the humble bees themselves? Using a bespoke illustrative style, we designed the icon using loose brush strokes to represent the fluid movement of the bee in an ever changing environment. The simplicity of the icon provokes thought, conversation and it is hoped action. The shading under the bee suggests forward movement, a significant element of the overall message.

The use of the brand in either block format or on one background colour conveys the core brand message - Simple – Powerful – Timeless.

The colours also nod to the black and amber of Kilkenny. The brand was launched at the 2019 Kilkenny St Patrick’s Day parade, through the use of brightly coloured t-shirts, badges and bee inspired costumes. A high-end notebook was distributed internally, thus ensuring the pollinator message became a daily part of everyone’s lives. The brand is now widely used on all relevant Government publications.