Kindfest 2020


Designed by Kim Whyte at FiggyDoo

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Digital / Event / Charity / Logo Design

Kindfest 2020 was an online celebration of kindness on World Kindness Day, with people coming together to share their collective wisdom, energy and ideas about how kindness can create a more hopeful and resilient world. 

As the inaugural event hosted by the newly founded Teamkind UK, a bold visual identity was designed to convey its essence: a resurgence of kindness – light in a time of darkness. The platform for the event was designed, featuring five themed tents as well as all social media visuals and physical merchandise including apparel and a kindness calendar.

In the two months from its conception to going live, 158 speakers, musicians, poets, writers and choirs had signed up and over 6,000 tickets were sold across 38 countries. 100% of profits went to three charity partners – the Blurt Foundation, Young Minds and the Captain Tom Foundation.