Kingspan Annual Report 2021


Designed by Alessandra Ravida, Stuart Bradfield and Paula McEntee at Red Dog

Digital: Each&Other / Red Dog

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Annual report

Kingspan’s Annual Report has changed to offer an online version as well as a printed document. Our role is to ensure that both versions offer the relevant user experience and align visually. The critical consideration in the design is that the solution must work to the strengths of each medium: interactivity and motion for digital, paper stocks, finishes and layout for print.

The theme of this year’s report was “It’s all about Carbon”, as Kingspan highlighted the construction industry’s impact on the environment and showcased how their innovative products and energy-saving solutions are helping reduce the carbon footprint of old, current and future buildings.

The challenge here was to visually represent an invisible gas (CO2) and its negative impact on the environment while, at the same time, convey a positive sentiment about the innovative solutions brought forward by Kingspan. A grainy texture effect was used in the report to symbolise the invisible gas molecules, and a restrained colour palette of black and Kingspan blue, hints at the tension between the problem (CO2) and the solution (Kingspan products). 

Three feature stories introduce the report, focussing on what’s happening in the industry, trade insights and how Kingspan are tackling what’s needed to improve past, present and future builds. These stories stand out from the rest of the report by using metallic gold and connects in style and colour palette with the cover. Using a double cover inspired by the layering system of Kingspan products, the top layer – printed in gold – lifts to reveal their feature building in all its glory.