Kodansha Brand Film


Designed by Sue Murphy at Gretel

Copywriter: Thomas Kemeny

Art Director: Josh Engelmann

Director: Juan Cabral

Producer: Nicole Schofield

Creative Director: Sue Murphy

Project Manager: Kerry Griner

Color: Jean-Clément Soret

Production: MJZ

VFX: Untold

Original Score: Duotone

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Commercial

Kodansha is your favorite company you've never heard of. The Japanese publisher has been leading storytelling from Japan for over 100 years. They’ve been responsible for publishing such hits as Akira, Sailor Moon, and Ghost in the Shell, as well as discovering a then-unknown author named Murakami. Despite all of this, few know who they are, especially outside of Japan. 

They love stories, and wanted a film that they could share to partners, authors, creators, and the world at large to express how much they care about nurturing stories and the people who make them—and announce their next steps to further globalize Kodansha around the world.

The film was directed Juan Cabral; who wrote and directed the groundbreaking Gorilla advert for Cadbury — voted Favourite Ad of all Time in the UK, and is the creator of the Sony Bravia Trilogy (Balls, Paint and Playdoh).