LAB — Science Gallery


Designed by Brian Nolan and Holly Brennan at Detail. Design Studio

Copywriting: Henrietta McKervey

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

The Science Gallery LAB initiative was created so that the Science Gallery approach could be quickly and creatively activated in any city worldwide in partnership with leading academic and cultural partners.

Challenging and innovative, Science Gallery LAB reboots the strength and power of Science Gallery in new and unexpected places. Labs have been designed to shape and connect creative communities of young adults, enabling them to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing their communities in inventive new ways.

We worked directly with Science Gallery International developing the name and sub-brand. Clearly a ‘sibling’ of Science Gallery, LAB’s need to be more flexible and adaptable. They need to be established with maximum impact often with short timelines and restricted budgets. Our design templates were developed to accommodate various types of imagery while making the LAB content the main focus. Formed by using three squares from a possible four, the letters LAB create a journey that is completed locally by the final, empty square: suggesting the ‘space’ waiting to be completed by participants. It can be left empty, to acknowledge these possibilities, or can be used to hold a visual element particular to an individual Lab. They also make a wider use of the existing Science Gallery brand palette, allowing their communications to be bolder by simply using colour as a key identifier.