Landscape Rehersals

We developed a visual identity and promotional campaign for the exhibition the Landscape Rehearsals by BothAnd Group at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition / Biennale Architettura 2023, The Laboratory of the Future. BothAnd Group is a research-based design studio investigating the social, ecological and political forces that shape rural territories. They translate these concerns through work in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and exhibition. The exhibition The Landscape Rehearsals explores indigenous ways of knowing and managing the land — opening the debate on place-based food production systems for a changing climate. 

The installation layers an incredibly large and intricate drawing of an ancient Irish rural landscape with projected footage of current Nigeria’s Ogun State to reveal parallel patterns in sustainable food production. The challenge for us in this project was to show all aspects of the art work but also not give it all away before the exhibition opened. We designed a static typographic identity for the exhibition and revealed hints on the footage through the letters. By layering and peeling off layers progressively we slowly revealed more and more about the installation via the social media campaign.