Leopold's Day

2011 Selection

Designed by Rachel Kerr

Photography: Tony Matthews

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Leopold’s Day is a typographic map, which plots Dublin city as it was outlined in Ulysses. It is formed purely from the streets, key landmarks and points of reference specific to the text that were in existence on the day. The map gives an immediate overview of the extent Dublin played as a stage for Ulysses.

Over four hundred real businesses and people mentioned, are listed in an accompanying directory. Dublin Bay and the waterways are formed of extracts from Ulysses which reference specific Dublin locations. These citations are placed as close to their corresponding geographic locations as is possible.

The hero map is a limited edition run, measuring 1000mm by 700mm and is lithographically printed on 135gsm Colorplan Natural.

The miniatures are a 240mm x 240mm crop of the city centre, and are foil blocked on 700gsm Colorplan Turquoise, inspired by the first cover of Ulysses.

The Leopold’s Day range is a marriage of cartography and typography offering a unique and accessible insight to Ulysess as well as providing a compelling insight into a cross section of the demographic of Dublin in a bygone era.