Leveris Rebrand


Designed by David Dowling, Martin Fanning and Ryan Kavanagh at RichardsDee

Strategy: Celine Dee

Strategy: Steve Payne

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Lasting, purposeful progress is driven by people and businesses with the imagination and determination to improve the future. Working with leaders and digital pioneers, Leveris converges technology, people and data and have created a better way to build a bank. As the company evolved at pace, the brand strategy needed to be realigned to their business strategy and vision to build better banks; banks that are sustainable and inclusive, that improve the way things work and the way we live. Through a process of deep internal and external engagement, we co-created a new purpose that reflects the culture and intent of the business:

To use imagination and determination to invent a better way, improving the future for individuals, businesses and society. The design system is built from the truth that the Leveris platform is the most technologically advanced, modular core banking system in the market. Agility needs a strong central structure so it can respond quickly and effectively to change so the modular nature of the platform was brought to life through the use of a fluid yet stable grid and refined colour palette that has the flexibility to accommodate new products and solutions.