Lifelogging Exhibition Design (2015)

Designed by Ruza Leko and Rob Warren at Science Gallery Dublin

Video: Matthew Boyd

Categories: Environmental / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

The LIFELOGGING exhibition measures the intangible: life, love, satisfaction and emotion. It also generates and invents — from using brainwaves to organize our worlds, to creating and exploring the virtual world filled with real dreams and memories.

The brief was to communicate the concept of logging and tracking as an opportunity to invent and make, to embrace the possibility of discovery and creation — to create a blend of a ‘maker space’ and designer shop.

Lifeloggers collect data. Lots of data. Loggers use that data for different projects and invention, consequently they get diverse results.

To meet the brief, four materials were chosen; plywood, steel, acrylic and wire mesh, each representing a different type of information. This diverse mix allowed for furniture design to suit any of the projects and support their differing approaches to the subject. The decision to show all the handcrafted fittings that were created from the same materials, and all the wires, screws and nails involved in construction enabled the design to demonstrate the changing, personal nature of lifelogging.

Based on the details, and challenges of each of the content projects, unique display solutions were created, one for each of the exhibits, and each constructed from the four materials. This demonstrates the endless possibility of creation, innovation and change. In addition, it encouraged the visitor to engage more directly with the exhibition narrative and content, the open plan of the exhibition enhanced engagement with the interfaces and invited participation. Display structures were largely freestanding and open on all sides allowing a number of approaches to each piece and broke down the customary barrier in a gallery space.