Lifeworks Website

2014 Selection

Designed by Catherine Robertson at Red Dog

Photography: Sean and Yvette

Copywriter: Nick Kelly

Video/editing: Orla McNelis

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Photography


Stephen O’Reilly of Lifeworks supports people seeking to make meaningful changes in their professional lives.

He wanted a site that was tasteful, elegant, calm, timeless, simple and professional. A true reflection of the calm experience his clients have with Lifeworks. No ‘quirkiness’. This was a very personal journey for him.

We set out to achieve a visually pleasing site, with a calming influence. We commissioned a copywriter to craft his messaging and tagline. This was complemented with photography to capture the essence of the Lifeworks experience through the rich texture and detail in Stephen’s home where he works. We consolidated the messaging and the visual aspects of the website by creating a short film where he outlines the experience and benefits.