Limerick United Against Racism

The Limerick Integration Working Group (IWG) worked with us to develop a 4 week campaign with the aim of sending a strong and clear message of solidarity with people who have experienced racism in Limerick, while also communicating that racism is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our city and county. The IWG is responsible for coordinating the development of migrant integration strategies in Limerick City and County.

We started by refining the brief and developing the campaign concept, conducting in-depth audience analysis and research. The result was the Root Out Racism campaign, which centred around the key action of ‘having a conversation about racism’. The campaign encourages audiences to listen, learn and talk about racism, using conversation prompts and learning resources we developed. The campaign aimed to positively influence individual attitudes towards people from a migrant background by focussing on internalised and interpersonal racism.

We identified the need to develop an action-oriented campaign in order to affect genuine, positive change and impact. This was the impetus behind the ‘have a conversation about racism’ call to action - an action that anyone can take to help inform and educate themselves and their peers, family or co-workers about issues surrounding racism in Limerick. We knew that in order to facilitate this conversation, we needed to provide education resources to help people listen to stories, learn, and inform others.

To activate the campaign, we developed a visual identity, which was used to create a wide range of campaign materials, including social, digital, and print. The identity included an overall identity logo and a campaign logo, as well as a suite of illustrated elements designed for the social media space. We also produced a suite of videos for release across social media, and designed and activated a mural in Limerick city.