Line Exploring Space

Designed by David Garavin at New Graphic

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

IMMA, Tipperaray Institute and the Source Arts Centre commissioned us to create a retrospective catalogue for an exhibition called 'Line Exploring Space'. The artists included were Christine Mackey, John Beattie and Alice Maher.

The theme was all about mark making and the creative process. Conveniently we’re big scratch card fans, so we hid the cover title under one of nine silver scratch card circles. To read the title you have to scratch the circles, making your own personal Line Exploring Space. It also makes everyones copy individual (the title changes location to keep it interesting).

The inside is also playful. There is text on tracing paper which combines with the page behind to complete a passage about the collaborative process. There's also artists' pencil sketches on tracing paper laid over photos showing artworks that have yet to happen (also toying with the idea of process), and fold out pages the reader has to find for themselves.