Lismore Castle Arts


Designed by Karen Hanratty and Aengus Tukel at Path

UX Design: Jocelyn Murray Boyne

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Contemporary art / Typography / Digital / Visual art / Website / Content Strategy / Web design


Lismore Castle Arts is committed to the presentation and promotion of contemporary visual art in Ireland. It hosts exhibitions of international significance alongside a series of smaller exhibitions, projects and events, situated in the historic gardens of Lismore Castle, Waterford.

PATH worked with Lismore Castle Arts to design a new website that would engage both their existing audience and appeal to a younger audience. The website needed to reflect the position the organisation at the forefront of contemporary art, and be welcoming to everyone in the community to visit and engage with the gallery’s activities.  

Communication, learning and engagement were equally weighted in the new design with the end goal to grow the already well-regarded reputation of Lismore Castle Arts with local, national and international audiences. The website was designed to allow users to easy discover content and help them grow an appreciation of the visual arts.