Little Green Cars

2013 Selection

Designed by Sinéad McAleer at Slater Design

Illustration: Steve Doogan

We were approached by Little Green Cars to design the artwork for their debut album Absolute Zero. The album swings between two contrasting perspectives, the beauty of a reckless youth, and the fear and confusion caused by our ever impending adulthood.

We were keen to ensure that our concept captured the essence of the album, as such, we worked closely with the band discussing visual references and ideas, and presenting mood boards until the concept for the cover was decided upon. To represent both the light and dark sides of the album, we created two contrasting images. From the front we see an elegant image of a girl from behind, all seeming well. When the album is turned over, we see that the cover image is deceptive, and the girl is crying and upset.

Following the album release we designed the covers for the two singles ‘Big Red Dragon’ and ‘My Love Took Me Down to the River’. Both follow on the theme of suggesting something going on beneath the surface. In the case of Big Red Dragon, the dogs expression is alert, as though it has just seen something that has startled it. With My Love Took Me Down to the River, the symbol of the crow was chosen to act as an omen of things to come.

For all three covers we commissioned illustrator Steve Doogan to illustrate our concepts.